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Vespa Genuine Parts distribute over 400,000 parts throughout the world and are the fastest growing online parts supplier

At Vespa Genuine Parts we only sell official OFFICAL VESPA GENUINE PARTS, NO after market , second user or refurbished parts, just genuine parts to get your Vespa Scooter back to its best!

We have designed this website for a fast and easy way to get any of your Vespa Genuine parts at a click of a button delivered to your door!.

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Are you the proud owner of the iconic and coveted Vespa scooter and looking for Genuine Vespa Parts? You have come to the right place where your search should end successfully and happily. We are the one stop destination for genuine and original New Vespa scooter Parts of superior quality that guarantee performance and life of your precious Vespa Scooter.

The craze for Vespa Scooters stems from its heritage of being an iconic scooter for many generations, which evolved from a single model motor scooter manufactured in 1946 by Piaggio and who continues to make classic scooters to this day. From the very first scooter the Paperino, the original prototype made in 1945 at Biella to the modern day Vespa LX, Vespa GTS, Vespa GTV, Vespa PX and the Vespa S the scooters still remain loyal to the ethics of the original Vespa's.

When it is time to replace the parts of Vespa's , Vespa Spares ought to be authentic so that the intrinsic quality of the bike remains unchanged. We stock virtually every spare that you need and keep only genuine and original Vespa Parts.

Our global operations ensure all parts are delivered right to your doorstep Try us! We have our network spread over more than 40 countries that include the UK, USA, Denmark, Finland, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Australia and Asia . Spares for the following models are generally in stock and readily available:

As mentioned earlier, we supply only Genuine Vespa Parts. These include the following:

Vespa Parts LX - A number of Vespa Parts LX components that we supply include Carburetor and sub components, air box, exhaust unit, transmission cover, helmet department, Locks, Oil Pump and many more.

Vespa Parts GT - Cooling System, fairings, flywheel magneto, cooler pump, oil tank, swinging arm, transmission, lock hardware kit and silencer are some of the chief components of Vespa GT.
Our reputation for being honest with our clients is known to the world. We strictly supply only authentic Vespa Spares and do not deal with seconds, used or after market of any sort. Our clients trust drives us to serve better. We are known for the following:

Quality: Quality is our major concern where supply of Vespa Spares is considered. With us, you can be sure of the best quality Genuine Vespa Parts so your Vespa scooter is repaired to the factory standard.

Best Price: You can be sure of getting the best price for all Vespa Parts with us. Once you carry out a comparative analysis, you will discover that the price of Genuine Vespa Parts we offer is the most competitive one.

Complete parts: We not only supply more than 50,000 New Vespa Scooter Parts but also guarantee the supply of complete parts, sub-assemblies and components.

Only genuine Vespa parts: Fake stuff is not available with us. ONLY original Vespa Parts are traded by us. Since we emphasize on quality and maintaining our reputation we sell only authentic high performance genuine Vespa spares. The Vespa brand is a super special, high performance, classic Scooter and we would not want to see its looks or performance marred by use of third party unreliable spares.

Secure shopping: In case you are worried about secure shopping of vespa spares, we would like to inform you that our clients trusts us blindly once they have bought original vespa Parts from us. Be confident of our honesty and be assured you get genuine replacement parts.

Speedy delivery: We value your time as much as you do. We do not take more than 5-7 days to dispatch vespa Parts. We value your time and hence deliver vespa Spares within the fastest time possible.

World-wide Shipping: Through our global trading network spread in countries like UK, Italy, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, USA, Norway, France, Spain, Netherlands, Asia, Australia plus many more, we assure fast shipment of Genuine vespa Parts at best rates.

Customer satisfaction: Our customers are our prime concern. Thus guaranteeing customer satisfaction is our source of sustenance. The valuable response that our customers provide us inspires us to improve our service in supplying Genuine Vespa Parts.