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Vespa LX 50 2T 2009 - 2010 ~ Frame/bodywork

Vespa LX 50 2T 2009 - 2010 ~ Frame/bodywork
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PositionPart NoYearDescriptionStockPrice
162211150AIFRAME Vehicle colour: 938/A Arancio Mizar [938/A]Back orderCall Us
162211150DEFRAME VESPA ET Vehicle colour: 222/A Blu Midnight [222/A]Back order£895.25
exc. VAT
165624300M4Scocca con p.i. verniciato Vehicle colour: 552 Avorio Pastello [552]Back order£533.89
exc. VAT
16562430018FRAME WITH I.P. NVP718NU03Back orderCall Us
162211100XN2SHELL WITH I.P. Vehicle colour: 98/A Nero Competition [98/A]Back orderCall Us
165624300P2Scocca con P.I. verniciata Vehicle colour: 567 Rosa [567]Back order£533.89
exc. VAT
162211150AHFRAME Vehicle colour: 231/A Azzurro Pastello [231/A]Back orderCall Us
16221115FRAME VESPA ET UNPAITED Stop date: 2009-04-28Back order£820.03
exc. VAT
162211100BRSHELL WITH I.P. Vehicle colour: 544 Bianco [544]Back orderCall Us
162211150R7Bodywork Vehicle colour: 894 Rosso Dragon [894]Back order£895.25
exc. VAT
2298604Lock supportBack order£18.65
exc. VAT
3581051Square Stop date: 2009-05-11Back order£2.35
exc. VAT